Why we use WordPress as our Website Platform

As those of you who have worked with Boson over the past 14 years will know, we’ve recently moved from our proprietary CMS platform (written in the Zend Framework) to WordPress. Tom, Boson’s Head of User Experience, explains why we’ve made the move, and why we believe WordPress is the best option for our clients.

WordPress might be the market leader when it comes to content management systems and is used by millions of website owners, but that doesn’t make it the only option for your website. However, it is the website platform we highly recommend. We even use the platform for our website.

There are numerous reasons why this is the case. Here are the reasons why we use WordPress for our clients and as our website platform.

The WordPress platform is flexible, Boson Web, websites for businesses in the South West, Bristol, Bath1. Flexibility

WordPress is completely flexible. It doesn’t matter whether you want to design the next local online magazine, an intranet or a global e-commerce superpower – WordPress has the potential to suit many business needs; we’ve found it’s capable of supporting most business website requirements.

You can achieve your website goals through plugins. Plugins allow our developers to achieve great website features without time-consuming coding, this leaves our developers free to concentrate on aspects that add value to the website’s audience.

There are numerous plugins, both free and premium. We choose the best plugins based on their reputation and the support available. It is all about what is needed for your website.

You don’t need to add these plugins to your website before its launch. They can be added at any time and instantly applied. This fast maintenance and development speed is a real bonus for us.

This flexibility means that every website can be unique, but be based on the same basic foundations. Making it fairly easy and quick to develop and maintain a WordPress website.


Custom WordPress Websites - Boson Web, WordPress websites for businesses in South West, Bristol, Bath2.Beautiful Custom Themes

Most website building tools allow you to create stunning designs, but this can be tedious, and without the best website designers, errors can accidentally occur in the code of the website.

Errors can damage your website’s functionality and user experience. They can also be expensive to locate and remove.

The look and feel of your WordPress website is controlled by themes. We build a custom theme based on our own Startline template. While you can download many themes from inside the WordPress Dashboard, these off-the-shelf themes can be bloated and poorly optimised.

The biggest advantage of this is that your website development team can then concentrate on the function of your website instead of spending time on the design. This is important as it could reduce the development cost of your website or allow your developer more time to implement features to improve your website.

Also, because you are using themes on your WordPress website, any additions you want can be implemented without redesigning your website. This is both time and cost-effective.


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3.Blog Friendly

Blogging is important in today’s modern market. A blog will support lead generation, help you get your website indexed by search engines and will identify your expertise to audiences.

WordPress is ideal for optimising blog posts for search engines. Therefore, your content has a greater chance of being found online through searches.


The Support Network is a major benefit of using WordPress as your website platform4.The Support Network

Another benefit of WordPress is the support you can find online for challenging issues. There are developers and forums that solve difficult technical issues. Whether this is resolving the ‘white screen of death’ or ensuring a plugin is optimised for a theme.

Any issue with a WordPress website can be solved with a search on Google. Community members use blogs and forums to help others better manage WordPress websites, Therefore, our developers can find solutions to challenges quickly and cost effectively. And we can shorten delivery times and ensure websites are error-free.

The support network is also part of the community which helps to update, modify, and improve the WordPress code and its plugins.


Boson Web, WordPress websites for Businesses, in the South West, Bristol, Bath5.Zend Framework

Another issue is that our Zend Framework is coming to the end of its life. Zend developers are harder to find, and when you do find one, they are expensive. Rising costs are making it harder to justify delivering websites with this framework.

Therefore, we needed to find a replacement that was both powerful, adaptable to our client needs and easy for them to use. The platform also needed to be future proof. WordPress meets these requirements and we believe it’s the best all-around solution for our clients.

Therefore, WordPress is the perfect replacement.


In our opinion, WordPress is the best website platform. It has the functionality and flexibility to deliver stunningly unique websites. With a strong developer community and regular updates to its core programming, a WordPress website is built to last. See some recent examples here

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