How Can SEO Improve the Quality of your Business Website?

There was once a time when, for SEO novices, search engine optimisation – as SEO is more properly called – was about cramming keywords into webpage text and buying links. However, that’s a far cry from the main aim of SEO today. Changes to search engine rules and algorithms mean that, by pursuing effective SEO for your company’s website, you are now also crafting, quite simply, a better business website. Here are crucial reasons why.

The Key(word) to the SEO Kingdom

Ever clicked through to a travel company’s website and come across a page that not merely advertises holidays to Turkey, but has text packed with variants on the phrase “holidays to Turkey”? “Turkey holidays”, “Turkish trips”, “travel to Turkey” – you say it, that webpage probably showed it. This is known as keyword stuffing or cramming.  It’s unpleasant to read and Google penalises websites, docking their SEO profile if it suspects these tactics

Ultimately, your own site’s use of keywords should be so fluid that they are unlikely to be readily discernible as keywords. They should also be specific to your business and its aims. Look at one good example of a specific keyword cited by Entrepreneur; while “dog food” might attract people looking for information or news about dog food, “buy raw dog food” will more likely attract someone seeking to purchase a particular kind of canine sustenance that your business might offer.

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A Corporate Website Could Flower Thanks to Flowers

Another dubious practice that Google now discourages is purchasing links that will lead to your website. This technique might have once seemed sensible given how much SEO juice these links would supply your site with. However, Google’s Webmaster Guidelines now forbid this method if you want your business website to be prominent in rankings compiled by the search giant. Therefore, buying or selling links could significantly hit your site’s place in those rankings.

These days, inbound links can benefit your site much more if those links have been earned, not bought. Perhaps your gadget store could post an informative article about the safest way of powering down an iPhone – and a major Apple news site could link to that article for its readers’ benefit. Alternatively, if you run a business selling gardening supplies, it could publish a piece about different types of flower – and a popular home improvement site may then link to it.


Everybody’s Changing… or should be Changing for SEO

We’ve listed good examples of how better SEO can mean a better website, too; however, once you have updated your site, don’t wait too long before adding even more to it. In an article about corporate SEO, The Guardian comments: “The rate at which search engine spiders crawl your site is in part determined by how frequently the content of your pages changes.” Thus, it obviously seems sensible to have the site’s text and images regularly changed. At Boson Web, we could make the changes on your behalf through our SEO services.