Content marketing: the key to success

You might have the most beautifully designed, perfectly constructed website in the world, but the truth is that it will gradually become less effective if you don’t keep it updated with new content. And not just any new content – it should be relevant, engaging and shareable. Content marketing has become an increasingly central part of marketing strategy over the last few years, and in this article, we’ll examine why it’s so important.

Content marketing essentially means creating online content (blog posts, videos, social media posts) that aims to actively engage an identified target audience, so that they share it, follow a call to action, and/or buy products/services.

There are many reasons why content marketing is now recognised as being so key to online success:


It increases your web traffic

Increase website traffic - Boson Web, Web design, Wiltshire, Bath, BristolThis works in several ways. From an SEO point of view, regularly adding fresh content to your site will improve your search rankings. This is because search engines positively rate sites that are kept updated – as long as the content is original, relevant and of a high quality. Creating shareable content is another way of driving traffic to your site; when existing customers discuss and share your content with others then that widens your reach and helps to grow your audience.

Creating shareable content is another way of driving traffic to your site; when existing customers discuss and share your content with others then that widens your reach and helps to grow your audience.


It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise

Boson Web, Web design agency in Bath, Wiltshire, BristolThis is a huge potential benefit of content marketing – and one that could give you the edge over your competitors. Blog posts and videos provide a great platform for you to explore various subjects within your field of expertise, thus helping you to build a reputation for being authentic, authoritative and therefore trustworthy. This must be underpinned by well-written text that consistently reflects your brand and tone.
Remember to make sure that your content is relevant and engaging by asking your customers what they’re particularly interested in finding out about.


 It enables you to build relationships with your customers

Building Customer relationships, Content Marketing service for businesses in bath, wiltshire, bristolContent marketing – particularly via social media – gives you a very effective channel for building customer relationships. Customers increasingly expect two-way communication with businesses in this way, so it’s worth dedicating some time and resources to it. The aim is to foster long-term customers who will develop, remain loyal and recommend you to others.


It can help generate sales

Pay per Click Service - Boson Web offering Pay-Per-Click Marketing for businesses in Bath, Bristol and WiltshireAll of the above help to increase sales. More traffic to your site means more potential leads, while high levels of trust and good customer relationships mean more potential conversions. The more targeted, compelling and consistently-branded your content, the more effective it will be in driving sales. Do some research into the best commercial keywords to use, and always include relevant links and clear calls to action.


It can be used across different platforms

Social media, Content marketing service, Boson Web One of the best features of content marketing is that it’s good value for money. This is because content can be used across different platforms as well as multiple times. A blog post, for example, not only refreshes your website with the new content that we know is so important to search engines, but also provides a hook for your social media to drive traffic back to your site. And each new blog post helps you build up a bank of valuable online resources that can be referenced and reused.  

Do you need help with your content marketing?

Content marketing is on the rise, there’s never been a better time to get your content up together. But we also understand that it’s hard to find the time to create engaging, regular content as well as managing everything else.

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