Group Senior Web Developer

The Boson Group Senior Developer is responsible for overseeing our technical output across 2 company divisions. You will be our Technical Lead with full discretion on the technologies and methods we use to produce our products and services *

*One caveat; WordPress is our chosen platform for our Boson Web division and it must remain as one of our core technologies.

Your objective is to deliver robust, scalable, future-proof software that perfectly meets our customer’s’ needs. However, we have a modest development budget so your mission is to prescribe the most effective methods of delivering class-leading software and then scale up.

You will have be methodical, prepared to try things and evaluate new technologies. Your practical nature will help you distill complex requirements into simple solutions. You will be an expert delegator, able to give clear instructions and manage the output from internal and external resources. You’ll have good language skills, able to write instructions, oversee and critique technical output. Fiona, Boson’s Project Manager and Tom, our Head of User Experience, will be there to support you.

Does this sound like you?

A bit of background…

The Boson Group consists of 2 companies:

Boson Web; Website design and online marketing services
Unity Intranet; A Cloud-based (SaaS) Company Intranet for SMEs

Your job is to shape the software products and services for both companies.

If your ideal role is working for a large corporation with long development schedules, this isn’t for you. If you want a 9-5 job, you shouldn’t apply.

Your strategy, your results

You have autonomy on the strategies and methodologies you want to use. The only rule; nothing should cause the company harm or move us backwards. No approval is needed, you’re accountable for the output.

It’s your time, you decide how to use it.

Your schedule will be yours. You decide when and where to work, you’re accountable for results, not time sat at your desk. It’s up to you how to use your time most effectively.


Past experience with a web agency or a software company is essential. You will need to demonstrate practical technical experience with demonstrable results. We are looking for:

Core software development knowledge should include PHP, MVC (e.g. Laravel, Symfony2, Zend etc), WordPress, MySQL, RESTful APIs, Unit testing, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git, Linux, Nginx and Apache.
Awareness of; Node, Ajax, ReactJS, Testing methodology, mobile development (iOS, Android).
Client relationship management skills, able to lead projects from start-to-finish, produce time/budget estimates.
Knowledge of server management/configuration/optimisation/monitoring.
Continued awareness of emerging technologies and trends and their application to our products and services.
Leadership and mentoring skills.

Salary / Terms
£45K+ depending on experience. We anticipate a full-time role.

Strictly no recruitment agencies please

We think you deserve to be a part of our team, do you?

We are always on the look out for top talent!
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