3 New Websites for Halsall

3 websites for the Award-winning, multi-disciplined construction company; Halsall.

The Challenge

Halsall needed to alter the perception of the company; to better articulate their range of services to potential customers and attract new business.  Halsall wanted a website that they were proud to show new and existing customers.

The existing website didn’t reflect the award winning, multi-disciplinary regional contractor that Halsall had become. Outdated and non-mobile-friendly, it was time for a change…

A little bit about Halsall…

Halsall are a family-run construction company with over 40 years experience delivering quality projects.  Halsall’s services fall under 2 distinct divisions:

  • Construction
  • Homes

3 websites for award winning construction company; Halsall

Why 3 websites?

Halsall’s 2 divisions cater for very different audiences.  It made sense to separate the ‘message’ into distinct websites, highly focused on the needs of each audience.  A third, ‘parent’ website would provide context to the relationship between the 2 service websites.

Halsall construction responsive website on devices

  • www.halsall.co.uk
    Providing an overview of the business, heritage, values and the team.
  •  www.halsall-construction.co.uk
    The construction division where Halsall act as a regional contractor delivering construction services for customers within the residential, education, health, commercial, care and retirement sectors.
  • www.halsall-homes.co.uk
    The development division where Halsall builds a range of high quality, desirable homes, throughout the South West. Additionally, considers joint ventures and land acquisition & promotion.

All 3 websites have a consistent look and feel while the content is focussed on the different target markets.  Different accent colours are used to differentiate between the sectors.

What they said

“We now have 3 websites that perfectly represent our values/ambitions, enhancing our company’s reputation with new and existing clients.  Our websites clearly articulate what we do and the services we offer and we’re all proud of how we present ourselves, online.

Boson fully understood the brief, were very clear on the process and the regular communications were excellent.”

We also asked Halsall what they hope to achieve from the new websites:

“We hope that customers see how we have grown from a local builder into a multi-disciplinary regional contractor and developer, and how our heritage and longevity as a local business is testament to the quality of product we produce.”



Measuring success

Google Analytics, Boson web can help you with tracking your website's success and setting up Google Analytics

e helped set Halsall up in Google Analytics so they’re able to easily track the performance of the website.

Take a look!

Halsall understand the importance of updating the website with fresh content; regularly blogs help to keep the website relevant, maintain recognition with search engines and traffic volume.

Halsall now have 3 websites that represent their company, heritage and reputation; Websites that they’re proud to show customers.

Take a look and let us know what you think! www.halsall.co.uk

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