How cheap hosting can end up costing you more

Getting a cheap deal on web hosting might seem like a great cost-saving strategy, but the reality is that it could seriously compromise the speed, security and performance of your website. Why bother developing a top quality site if you’re not going to look after it properly? It’s far better to spend your budget wisely on the best hosting service that you can afford, and here are some of the reasons why.


Site Speed

Page speed affects your SEO, choosing reliable hosting will help with SEO.The speed at which your web pages load is a vitally important consideration when choosing a hosting service. Site speed affects a number of things, including your bounce rate, conversion rate, the time visitors spend on your site and the quality of their experience. It also affects your search ranking, as Google rewards pages that load quickly, so it’s key in terms of SEO too.

Cheaper hosting services can mean slower loading times, particularly if your site gets a lot of traffic and it’s sharing an inadequate server with a large number of other sites. Slower loading times can lead to losing customers and sales.


Site Security

There are many different kinds of security threats, from the annoyingly disruptive (hackers accessing your site and leaving spam) to the seriously problematic (the interception of financial transactions or introduction of viruses).

In order to defend your site against such attacks, you need to make sure that your web hosting service offers a high level of security, including secure file transfers, proper authentication, regular backups and robust server maintenance. Cheaper, less secure hosting options can leave your site vulnerable.


WordPress Rescue, WordPress help/ support in Bath, WiltshireIn terms of customer service, you definitely get what you pay for. Cheaper hosting services offer little in terms of support, while a higher quality option will provide more, for example online/phone support, 24-hour support, a dedicated point of contact and so on. It’s not just reassuring to know that someone is available to help if something’s not working properly, it might prove to be vital, for example if your site suddenly crashes.

And it’s not just a matter of providing ad-hoc support either; you need to be able to trust your hosts to be on top of ongoing maintenance, for example regular software updates. Cheap web hosting is unlikely to give you a satisfactory level of support.  


Even the best servers can go down from time to time (eg due to maintenance, power failure, hardware issues); it can’t be completely avoided. But you can minimise the risk of downtime – and ensure that it’s dealt with properly if it does happen – by paying for a robust hosting option.

Servers should be well maintained and monitored, notifications about downtime (scheduled or otherwise) should be communicated effectively, and – most importantly – there should be contingency plans in place. A cheaper hosting package may result in downtime that costs you business.

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