How to transfer Google Analytics account without losing data

Want to know how to transfer a Google Analytics account to a new user or email address but not sure where to start? In the last few years, Google has made it possible for the user of the Google Analytics account to be changed without any data being lost in the process. However, it can seem like a complicated process especially if you’ve got years of data so we’ve narrowed it down into an easy to follow guide.

Google Analytics - How to transfer ownership of your google analytics account - Boson Web, Bristol, Bath, Wiltshire, Web Design

Before we begin, it’s important to understand the terminology and requirements of Google Analytics…


Property: Website, or rather, the collection of data relating to a website
Source account: The current account owner of the property, typically the website agency or marketing company
Destination account: The intended new owner of the property


There are some requirements that need to be met to be able to transfer a property from one account to another:
  • You will need the permissions ‘Manage Users‘ and ‘Edit‘ in both the current and the destination account. Your current agency will no doubt have it on their account, you will need the same permissions for your property within their account.
  • The destination account must have less than 50 properties.

Got it?


Agency (source account)

Step one

Log in to the Analytics console:

How to transfer a google analytics account to another user profile or email address? - Step one. Boson Web, web agency in Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol

Step two

Go to Admin
How to transfer a google analytics account to another user profile or email address? - Boson Web, Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol

Step three

Select the property you would like to transfer from the drop-down menu

How to transfer ownership of a Google Analytics account

Step four

Select “User Management”

How to transfer a google analytics account to another user profile or email address?

Step five

Add the email address of the new user (destination account) in the “Property Permissions” section.

How to transfer ownership of Google Analytics - Boson Web, Wiltshire, Bath & Bristol

Step six

Tick all checkboxes to allow administrator access and hit the “add” button

How to transfer a google analytics account

Owner (destination account)

Once the new administrator has been added, they will be able to log in and access the analytics data and user management. At this point, they (the destination account) can “delete” the agency (source account) as a user.
The analytics account will no longer be visible in the source account console, however, the new user will retain all the past data.
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