The Importance of Professional Website Design

While you probably already buy into the familiar idea that “first impressions count”, you could still be startled by just how quickly they do so when it comes to website design. As highlighted in an infographic posted by Business 2 Community, 94% of a website user’s initial impressions are affected by the design. Even more staggeringly, deciding what they think of the site will take users only 0.05 seconds! Still, you can work the odds more in your favour if your website is professionally designed.

Don’t just walk the walk; also talk the talk

If your company is run very efficiently and regularly picks up plaudits from delighted customers, you have good reason to be proud. However, you could still be underselling yourself if many of your promotional efforts are directed through a sloppily-designed website.

While it would be nice to think that your website is a mere veneer that most of your potential customers would look beyond, you have to remember that they could be too time-strapped to really do that. Taking this into account, you probably won’t be too surprised to learn that 94% of people have reported mistrusting or rejecting a website due to its design.

A badly-designed site could, at first glance, come across as something that has been hurriedly cobbled together to scam visitors. Therefore, it’s not sufficient that your company runs professionally; it also has to look, from the outside, professional and authentic. Your website can be a key part of that, not least because it can help to exhibit your company’s individual brand.

Website Design Concept

Don’t overlook the great branding opportunity

There’s another common saying that seems wonderfully relevant here: “Be yourself.” In adherence to this, your company should strive for excellence… but in a manner that reflects its particular ethos. It is your brand which communicates much of this ethos to customers, both potential and current. An informative LinkedIn article advises: “Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want your brand to stand for and it reflects in your website too.”

Some more statistics providing food for thought

A truly professional web design is much more than just eye candy. It has not only surface appeal, but also depth and functionality. In other words, the design will cater for various practical concerns. According to the previously mentioned infographic, unattractive content and layout will lead 38% of a website’s visitors to cease engaging with it. 39% of people will do the same if the website’s images either don’t load or take an excessive amount of time to load.

None of these problems should arise if the website’s design has been professionally crafted. Our team at Boson Web will precisely that. From our base in South West England, we can put together a website design that is not only bespoke, therefore reflecting your company’s particular approach, but also responsive. This is for preserving the user experience across a wide array of devices – from bulky desktop computers to tablets and palm-friendly smartphones.

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