Introducing Unity Intranet

Supporting your team: an introduction to Unity Intranet

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Unity Intranet, a brand new product that we’ve created to support teams of all sizes. In a busy working environment it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture; our mission is to help businesses and organisations create a common sense of purpose and keep everyone focused on what matters.

What are the benefits of using an intranet?

Implementing an intranet can make a huge difference to the efficiency of a business, as well as the happiness of its employees.

Here are a few of the key benefits to consider:



It improves internal communications

An intranet provides space for the flow (and capture) of information and ideas across the whole organisation, between different

departments, locations and managerial levels. This helps to reduce email (and the need for meetings), facilitate collaboration, promote transparency and disseminate strategic direction.



It helps your team feel connected and empowered.

Working life has changed so much in recent times, with more people working remotely and/or flexibly. An intranet can help ensure that team members feel connected – not just to each other but also to the business and its mission. This applies to staff working across different sites too. An intranet is also a space where people can feel empowered to contribute ideas and feedback, thus helping to drive the business forward.



It provides a central hub for storing information and resources.

Having the most up-to- date version of everything (from  contact lists to training guides to policies and procedures) in one secure, easily searchable place saves everyone time and aids consistency.


What features does Unity Intranet include?

We’ve consolidated our previous work developing bespoke intranets for clients, and applied our experience to make Unity the best possible ‘out-of- the-box’ product. It’s easy to set up and customise, with a range of features and tools
designed to make working practices more straightforward, cohesive and effective.
These include:


Simple user management

Including the option to perform bulk actions and set up automatic user notifications

A document library

Simple folder structure, search function, individual role permissions and an ‘acknowledgement tracker’ to manage readership

Business and HR tools

Including leave and expenses management


Collaboration and knowledge sharing tools

Including forums, how-to guides and individual skills/competencies


 Team news and blogs

A space for company news as well as private/restricted posts


Other tools

 Including messaging, team pages and a video library



Unity is cloud-based, mobile-responsive and securely hosted, with automated backups and updates – there’s no extra demand on your IT support. For a full list of features please visit our features page and watch our introductory video below:

Please give us your feedback and help spread the word

We’re very proud of Unity Intranet and hope that our clients will love it too. We’d really like to know what you think of it and would also appreciate your help in spreading the word, so please do forward this article on to anyone that you think
would be interested.

At the heart of every successful organisation is a happy, purposeful team; we believe that Unity Intranet can help achieve this. Please contact us to find out how Unity can help support your team.

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