Boson Web Sister Company Launches New Cloud-Based Intranet Service

Tapping into the current trend for organisations to make their intranets a place where staff can connect, communicate and collaborate, Unitii, a sister company of Boson Web, has launched a new cloud-based intranet service.

Unitii - A cloud based intranet software. Our mission is to help organisations build an authentic culture, empowering everyone to make a genuine contribution so they feel happy at work.

Who uses an intranet?

Traditionally intranets were the preserve of large companies. UK-based global pharmaceutical company GSK has 140,000 workers and associates using its intranet, while eBay’s intranet is used by 20,000 staff and boasts 14,000 unique users a month. *

However, a well-designed intranet can deliver benefits to organisations of any size. Whether a company has numerous operating locations and remote workers, or a handful of centrally located, small teams, there are advantages to be gained.

What do they use it for?

A company intranet enables businesses to work smarter by allowing staff to collaborate, communicate and get stuff done quickly.

It functions as a central resource, helping departments to share information in a timely, appropriate manner; making it easier to disseminate knowledge across the organisation and keep everyone up to speed on the latest company news and events.

It also allows business units to keep tabs on resources, supercharge processes and manage workflow.

What benefits does an intranet offer?

A well-designed intranet, which incorporates key processes and engages users, can improve efficiency and cut costs by allowing staff direct access to information and documents.

By extension, it can also boost employee engagement and help to reinforce transparency, openness, and inclusion in the workplace.

What’s different about Unitii’s intranet service?

The team at Unitii has built on its 15 years experience to develop a flexible, service-driven offering that allows a company to purchase a standard intranet for as few as 20 users.

The new service offers a fresh approach and simplifies the process of setting up an intranet by allowing companies to select elements from a modular system to suit their needs and budget.

Companies can choose from four ‘off the shelf’ modules aligned to distinct business areas: human resources, information management, communications, or forms and workflows.

Unitii Intranet - Could this be the UK's most affordable intranet software? Unitii Intranet, a new kind of intranet. Book a demo

Each intranet will also have a homepage, directory of members, skills and departments sections.

A flexible, affordable, low-risk solution

With minimal outlay, a company can quickly set up a successful intranet, aligned with its strategic needs.

Companies only pay for what they need, while still being able to customise the look and feel of their intranet.

It is possible to purchase a standard intranet on a user-based model from as little as £2.50 per user per month (based on a minimum of 20 users).

The terms are completely flexible. There is no contract and companies can unsubscribe at any time without incurring a penalty, adding to the low-risk nature of the service.

Unitii’s co-founder, Rich Anderson said: “Our cloud-based service could be one of the UK’s most affordable intranet solutions, offering big features for a low cost”.

Supported set up

As Unitii are committed to relationships, to ensure the set up goes smoothly, a dedicated Unitii account manager oversees a fully supported integration and onboarding process, which includes super-user training and technical support.

For more information, or to try a demo of a new kind of intranet service, go to

* Source: Nielsen Normal Group. 10 Best Intranets of 2018