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We helped completely revamp the Systemagic brand & website

As you may have seen in the press, Boson recently helped Systemagic launch their new brand and website on the 1st of July.


Tom Beavan

What Tom thought …

We really enjoyed this project and Systemagic have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. So we asked Boson’s lead designer, Tom, what the thinking was behind the brand and what his favourite bits were during the project.


Firstly, who are Systemagic?

Systemagic are a South West based IT support company who pride themselves on their friendly, reliable team and steadfast client-focus.


Why rebrand?

Systemagic felt their visual identity (their website, logo, stationery etc) simply didn’t represent a modern, innovative IT company. Systemagic had built an excellent reputation, growing significantly in recent years, whilst the visual branding was falling further and further behind.  It was time it to catch up!


Systemagic mobile responsive website build, Wiltshire, Bath boson web


What requirements did they have?

Systemagic wanted to rejuvenate their brand and create something they were really proud of.  Something which encapsulated why they are different to other IT support companies. During our initial scoping meeting we came to the conclusion that the logo and website were key to achieving their goal;  a brand and presence that Systemagic were proud to shout about.


Where did the ideas come from?

First, explored what makes Systemagic distinct from their competitors – why their customers bought from Systemagic, and not someone else.  That led us to Systemagic’s core values – What is it about the way they see the world, that makes them unique?

It sounds simple, but it’s a really difficult thing to put into words.  

From that point, we started to define Systemagic’s core values:

  1. Personality – Systemagic’s team personality – their ‘friendly’ and ‘approachable’ values
  2. People, not technology lead

Once everyone agreed Systemagic’s core values and vision, our team proposed a number of different logo ideas.  


How did you arrive at the final design?

As with all our design projects, it’s important to work closely with our clients in all stages of the project. Systemagic were no exception and by involving themselves throughout the process, it became very much a partnership that resulted in the best outcome.

During the branding process we suggested a number of alternative logo ideas which varied in shape, font and colour to give a breadth of approaches for Systemagic to consider. We asked Systemagic to visit our offices regularly so we could present our different concepts and listen to their feedback.

There was a clear winner and Systemagic chose their favourite logo concept which we revised and tweaked into their new logo that you can see today.

Systemagic Logo


Take a look!

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