What Everybody Ought to Know About WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms available. WordPress is used by 26% of all currently active websites, and more than half of Content Management Systems (CMS) run on WordPress. The closest CMS rival to WordPress is Joomla, which currently has a market share of 6.3%.

There are also 500 new WordPress websites created every day.

Would a WordPress website work for your business? Here are some of the best and worst features of WordPress to help you make the right decision.

Four Advantages Of WordPress

WordPress Advantages - WordPress is known for its Ease of use 1. It’s Easy To Use

This is probably why it is one of the most popular website platforms. Without much technical knowledge, website owners can edit and maintain their websites themselves.

Switching between designs or adding features is as simple as clicking a few buttons. There are also plugins that allow drag and drop layout.

WordPress advantages and disadvantages - It's customisable2. It’s Customisable

Some website platforms are hard to customise, but with WordPress, you have 47,000 plugins and thousands of themes to build a website that matches your requirements; whether you sell online courses, sell through an e-shop, are an affiliate marketer, or have an online magazine.

Many of these themes and plugins have free versions which are almost as powerful as their paid counterparts.

WordPress is SEO friendly, be loved by Google, Boson Web, Web design in the South West, Bath, Bristol

3. It’s SEO Friendly

When 30% of ecommerce traffic comes from organic links on search engines and the top three results get 63% of traffic comes from search criteria, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is hugely important.
While the base programming of WordPress isn’t great for SEO, there are some excellent SEO plugins and with good quality content, a WordPress website can reach the top of search rankings.


WordPress advantage is it's large network/community4. Support Network/Community

At the same time, WordPress is open source, and community led. If you are struggling with your WordPress website, there’s a myriad of online forums and good quality resources to easily find support and advice.

Because of WordPress’ popularity, there’s a huge pool of experienced WordPress developers ready to help too.


The Potential Disadvantages

There are also concerns you may have over using WordPress. Here are three of the main challenges.

Boson Web, Web design agency in the South West, Bristol, Bath, WiltshireOwnership

Because WordPress is open-source and free – you don’t have control over future developments. This could mean that an update changes or removes functionality or styles you were happy with.


WordPress needs to be kept updated. if you need help with your WordPress site get in touch with Boson Web


One major issue affecting WordPress websites is security. While WordPress and its developer community are good at keeping the system updated, a site is only as secure as the version installed on your website. Too many website owners fail to regularly update their WordPress website and plugins, and this can create security

holes in the site that hackers can exploit.

A recent BBC report highlighted the issue of not updating your WordPress website regularly, you can also read our blog post on our top 9 WordPress security tips

WordPress pros and consThird-Party Content

While most plugins are designed by professional developers, not all are of good quality. Most of the time this is harmless, but in some cases, it can be damaging to your site. The code in the plugins or themes might conflict with others, break your site or become unnecessarily bloated.

The latter can reduce your website speed, which can lower your page rank on Google and other search engines.

Another issue is that some free themes include text and links to the developer’s website. Some developers require you to agree to terms and conditions that forbid you to remove these links and text from your website. Others will allow it, but advise you not to, because the code is embedded deep within your WordPress files, although this is more of a nuisance rather than a major issue.

Is WordPress Right For You?

Is creating a WordPress website right for your business? The advantages of using this powerful website platform are compelling.

While there are negatives to using WordPress, these can be easily rectified or avoided either with the help of a professional website development team or by carefully following best practice when developing your WordPress website.

There’s a reason for WordPress’ popularity.  With its ease-of-use, a range of plugins that are second-to-none and a thriving developer community, it could be the platform to propel your business to success.

What are your thoughts about WordPress? Are you considering a WordPress website?

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